Commercial Products

Pure Water Services is a full service company offering system design, water conditioning and equipment like filters and cartridges. We also offer on-site services including installation, maintenance, dealkalizing, deionization, media rebedding, on-site equipment retrofit, standard repair, reverse osmosis systems, controller installation and maintenance.

UV Pure Hallet 15xs and 30

UV Pure Technologies’ Hallett™ line of water purification systems, with patented Crossfire Technology, are engineered for efficient multiple unit configuration to treat flows up to 1 MGD.

Water Softeners

Removal of calcium and magnesium compounds in water (limestone hardness) eliminates scaling in piping, process equipment, and heat exchange systems as well as greatly improving the effectiveness of cleaning and rinsing processes.

Reverse Osmosis

Engineered to economically produce high purity water by the removal of dissolved minerals, bacteria, particles, and organic impurities.

Water Filters

Numerous varieties of filter media are used for suspended solids reduction, iron removal, dechlorination, taste & odor reduction, and pH neutralization from municipal, private well, and certain waste water supplies.

Specialty Ion Exchange

Both standard and specially engineered ion exchange equipment for an array of applications including deionization (separate and mixed bed), dealkalizers, and condensate polishers.

Lab Water Systems

Designed to meet or exceed the Type I, II, III reagent-grade water platforms set forth by CAP/NCCLS or ASTM standards. Many systems can be furnished with all the treatment equipment fully installed and factory-tested on a common skid package to minimize installation and start-up costs.

Harmsco Filtration Products

Harmsco offers products including; water filters, residential filtration solutions, industrial cartridges, cartridge housings, whole-house filter solutions and unique Harmsco® Hurricane® and Waterbetter® filter series. Applications include:  potable, municipal, ground, process, surface, storm water, and wastewater filtration solutions are custom engineered and manufactured to meet your requirements.